If fishing is your passion, the waters of Guacalito de la Isla are an angler's paradise. The Pacific Ocean off Nicaragua’s southern coast teems with all sorts of fun fish. Guacalito de la Isla puts you right in the center of a world-class fishing environment on the Emerald Coast.

Set sail on a fishing expedition aboard one of our yachts, cast your line, and you’ll be rewarded with catches that may contain grouper, snapper, and the much coveted rooster fish. The kids will be thrilled with the excitement of giving the fight to these 20 to 30-pounders, but may need your help in reeling them in. Sailfish prowl the deep waters a mere 15 miles from the coast, a genuine sporting challenge for those after big game.

Within view of Guacalito Beach, Anciana Island is a fine place for bottom fishing and putting a Rappalla lure to good use. In these calm waters you may encounter king mackerel and tuna. Take a fishing excursion just further north along Nicaragua´s Emerald Coast for the opportunity to hook large Wahoo ranging in size up to 50 lbs.