La Flor Nature Reserve (1 hour)

South of San Juan del Sur lies La Flor Nature Reserve, one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in the eastern Pacific Ocean and an ecological highlight of the Emerald Coast. This pretty, virgin expanse of sand plays host to droves of olive ridley and leatherback turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs between the months of August and December. It is one of only 7 beaches in the world that witnesses this spectacle. At seasons’ peak, the sandy shore is jam-packed with thousands of turtles. Friendly guides at the park ranger station on the beach are happy to let you participate in scheduled releases of turtle hatchlings. They can also facilitate flashlights and red film covers for catching the best glimpses of the arriving turtles without disturbing them, which can almost always be accomplished on moonlit nights.

Isla de Ometepe